New HVAC Units – Panama City, FL

Replacements for Long-Term Comfort

Unfortunately, like many other things in life, HVAC systems don’t last forever. Your air conditioner or furnace may have reached a certain age or endured wear and tear to the point where it has reached the end of its usefulness. In fact, the average lifespan of an air conditioner is around 10 years. If you need to have your HVAC system replaced, our team at A&H Heating and Air LLC can provide a new one that will work efficiently and last as long as possible moving forward.

Reasons for a New HVAC System

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The primary reason for replacing your HVAC system is that it has reached or exceeded its usefulness. Along the same vein, if repairing the unit will cost a comparable amount, you may be better off purchasing a new, more reliable one. Another indication includes mold or mildew on your system, which can result in more dust and pathogens inside your home. Finally, if you find that your energy bills are significantly higher than they used to be, your unit may have to work harder to maintain the set temperature. In some cases, we can make the system more efficient, but in others, it’s time to replace it.

Understanding the Cost of a New HVAC System

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Just as your home and family are unique, so are your HVAC needs. To calculate the cost of replacing your HVAC system in Panama City, we take many things into account, such as your energy usage, the size of your home, and other considerations. We will then give you a precise estimate and explain financing options if you are interested.


New HVAC Unit FAQs

Do Bigger Air Conditioning Units Perform Better?

While some might assume that a larger HVAC unit can perform more efficiently at providing cleaner air, this may not be the case for every home. The most important thing is to select the proper size of air conditioner that matches the needs of your house. If you purchase an HVAC unit that is too large, it can certainly cool your house faster, but it also might be less efficient and won’t reduce humidity very well. You may expect short-run cycles, as it can cool air swiftly but will shut off before sufficient air is blown across the indoor coil to release water from the system. If unchecked, this can allow too much moisture in the air, increasing the risk of mold and mildew in your home. For a more efficient unit, choose one that is properly sized for your house so that it can have longer run cycles.

How Much Time Does a Professional Team Take to Install an HVAC Unit?

The duration of the installation of the HVAC unit can typically take some time. In many cases, it can take an entire day to set up the system completely and properly. Of course, the time it takes to install the HVAC unit will depend on factors like the level of expertise of the team and the size of the home. Rest assured, our highly-experienced team will discuss our process with you thoroughly so that you know what to expect and we can coordinate with your schedule.

What Are Some Ways I Could Keey My Home Cool More Efficiently?

There are various ways to cool your home more efficiently, many of which can also save you money in the long run. Firstly, replacing your current air conditioner with a newer, more efficient one can significantly reduce your energy bills while cooling your home quite nicely. To purchase the correct sized unit for your home, make sure to schedule a consultation with our team.

If an upgrade isn’t an option just yet, you can try setting your thermostat to a higher setting, such as 75 degrees or higher during the summer. A single degree below 75 degrees can lead your energy bill to go up by 3 to 5%. You should also prevent any blockage of air vents in your home, such as moving furniture or curtains to allow more airflow. If you have rooms you rarely use, try closing the vents to avoid using up energy. Another way to cool your home is to use ceiling fans.

What Are the Advantages of High-Efficiency Air Filters?

Having proper air filtration throughout your home is crucial to both the HVAC system itself and your family. Air filters are designed to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating within the system, that way they can last and perform at their optimal settings. By using high-efficiency filters, you can expect the system to do an even better job at getting rid of dirt, dust, mold, and other particles from the air. This can be especially beneficial for those in your household who struggle with allergies or respiratory complications. Just remember to switch out your filters regularly to maintain efficiency.