New Duct Work – Panama City, FL

State-of-the-Art Fiberglass Ducts

In some older homes, certain aged features can add charm and character, but when it comes to HVAC systems in the home, you should opt to have newer duct work in place, specifically fiberglass ducts. We use this material all the time to optimize our customers’ HVAC systems, and we find that it stands up really well to Florida heat and humidity as well as freezing temperatures. Do you need new duct work? Contact us to ask more about our options for new fiberglass ducts in Panama City.

Benefits of Fiberglass Duct Work

Close up of air ducts just underneath ceiling of building

Fiberglass is quickly becoming the industry standard for HVAC systems because of its strength, light weight, lower cost, customizability, and anti-corrosive nature. In other words, it can easily be adapted to your home’s specifications, and it lasts! It also requires very little maintenance, is very durable, and is easy to install. At A&H Heating and Air LLC, we use this material to provide the best protection and highest efficiency for your HVAC units.